The home stretch

Yesterday I turned 28 weeks pregnant, which means I am now in my third and final trimester! Since I am having twins, my labour will be induced if it hasn’t happened naturally by 37-38 weeks. That means that I have only got around 9 weeks left, if that until the babies come! Although I’m excited … More The home stretch

I’m scared!

Hello from the future, its 2016! Who else like me still thinks 2007 was like 4 years a go? I’m not gonna bore you with a list of my new years resolutions, partly because I don’t have any and partly because you wouldn’t be interested anyway! 2015 was a big year for me… it saw … More I’m scared!

A Waiting Game

I always find that time seems to go a lot more slowly when I’m waiting for a delayed train than when I am rushing to make it on to one on time. Its weird how 15 minutes can seem like 2 hours sometimes and 3 seconds at others. I used to get this a lot … More A Waiting Game