2020 plans and goals

Hello everyone, its been a hot minute since I was posting regularly on my blog…. I know!

Now I’m guessing nobody has been eagerly awaiting my next post as, let’s face it, lifestyle blogs are actually dying out these days. But for me, writing is my passion. I need to keep flexing these creative muscles and make sure I am writing regularly.

Unfortunately, WordPress has a limit on the amount of content you can have on your site. I’m at 90% of my media limit and would have to pay more for the privilege of posting more photos (I already pay £36 per year for a website that makes me zero money). So, for now at least I will just be focusing on words rather than images.

With that being said, its time to delve in to my plans for 2020.
If you follow me on Instagram you might already have an inkling that this year is the year of us buying our first home and moving out of our tiny house! In fact, we are actually moving up to Manchester to start the next chapter of our lives! I do want to write more about this but at the moment everything is up in the air and so I will talk about it once we are all sorted. I might write a bit about our experience of being first-time buyers but we will see!

My MA is still going ok, quite boring if I’m being totally honest. I don’t think publishing is for me, I really want to work in the digital sector but I’m actually open to anything.

This year, the girls will be starting school (whatttttheactualf*ck) as they turn 4 in August! I can’t believe my babies are going to be so grown up! Them starting school is going to be the start of a whole new chapter for us. Fully moving past the ‘baby days’ and moving in to the next era of parenthood. We have no plans to have any more children so this is probably it for us! With them being in full time education there is going to be much more of an opportunity for me to get in to a career and I’m so excited about this prospect! I know its going to be hard juggling school pick ups/ holidays etc. but I’m sure we will make it work! Plus let’s face it, the extra money is going to be sooooooooooooo good.

Josh’s work has been going really well. In fact, he got promoted to Senior Digital Designer. He works so hard and I’m so pleased that he is so well appreciated at his company. Even though we are moving away they are more than happy for  him to carry on working for them remotely which is amazing!

Back in May, I ran a half marathon! It was such an incredible experience and I felt so proud of all the training I put in. The week before had been spent in Brussels – it was meant to be a few days to see my sister who was living there but it turned in to a lot more. Dotty got really poorly and ended up in hospital there and I didn’t get home until something like 10 hours before I had to leave for the half marathon. I’m so glad I managed to do it though.

Dotty has had recurrent pneumonia and breathing issues linked to that but she has been on a preventer steroid inhaler for around a year and it looks as though it is working well to keep her lungs working as they should be. We also use a reliever inhaler if her breathing starts to go bad.

The girls started swimming lessons in September and it has been unbelievably amazing. I’m so, so proud of them and love seeing them progress each week.

My goals for 2020 are mainly to get at least a Merit in my MA, find a good job, move house, get further in to gentle parenting, find a good church and make some friends. I also want to maintain my fitness and do a couple of 10k+ races throughout the year. I won’t be doing a half marathon any time soon because the training just takes up too much time!

Have a great year



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