What’s been going on lately? 2019 so far

So, I’ve been pretty absent on my blog and YouTube recently. I doubt anyone has particularly noticed but I have! So why haven’t I been feeling it much recently? Well I guess the main reason is because this has always been a passion project for me – something I have loved to do and really enjoyed. But over the last few months I just haven’t been feeling passionate or motivated about pretty much anything.

You may have read a few posts a go that I have been seeing a counselor for my mental health. I feel like I’ve had a bit of a creative block recently and a lot of it is down to how my mental health has been.

My MA is going well I guess but if I’m being honest I’m not enjoying it anywhere near as much as I expected to. I feel that it is quite stressful at times and trying to balance it around the girls is beyond hard. Particularly because we’ve been through a bout of sickness after sickness and I’ve ended up having to miss uni which hasn’t exactly been ideal.

I’ve also been busy training for a half marathon in May! I’m absolutely loving training and pushing myself to find time for runs even when I feel I have no time at all to do anything!! The sickness that I’ve had for the past couple of weeks has made it difficult but I know I can do this!!

Its no secret that I’ve found motherhood unbelievably challenging over the past few months. I feel like having two year olds is completely mentally draining and also physically draining! The girls need so much attention at the moment and they no longer nap either! Meaning that it is all just getting a bit much and can get on top of me sometimes and I have shouted and reacted badly to the girls way more than I want to.

So there you have it! That is pretty much what has been going on with us recently. I really hope I find my passion again soon!




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