Travelling round London with toddlers / young kids | Things to do in London | Kate and the twins

Hey guys

If you follow me on Instagram @kateandthetwins you may have seen that we were in London this weekend for a wedding! We had an amazing time away and on Sunday we spent the day travelling around the city. I asked for some advice on Instagram as to what we should do whilst we were there and sooo many people replied so I thought I’d let you know how we got on and share people’s tips with you!

So many people told us we should avoid the Natural History Museum at all costs as the queues would be crazy. Actually we decided to try it and it wasn’t crazy at all. It was busy but we didn’t have to queue to get in.

Other Museums people suggested were The Science Museum, The National Maritime Museum and the Postal Museum.

We wanted to take our double buggy as we thought it would work out for the girls napping etc. We were advised to look for tube stations which had disabled access but so many of the stations we wanted didn’t have access. Many people also suggested taking the bus instead as it was easier for buggies to get on and off and meant that the girls could see more. However in the end we settled for using our carriers. The carriers we have are fabric and fold us easily so we didn’t feel that we were lugging anything too heavy around.

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