Life lately | Kate and the Twins

Hey everyone,

you may have noticed my blog has been a bit sparse lately. At the start of the year I really wanted to post at least once a week but now it just isn’t happening for a number of reasons.

First of all, in September Dotty was taken in to hospital for breathing issues and ended up having to stay there for 6 nights. She was discharged eventually with an inhaler and 3 days of antibiotics. We never really got to the bottom of what was wrong but exactly a month after our discharge, another ambulance came and brought her to hospital again for a further 6 nights. Eventually, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and was given a longer course of antibiotics and is going to be seen in clinic again in a few weeks time for a follow up. It was an incredibly stressful time for us – the first stay was just as I was starting my MA and the second was just as my grandfather passed away and I had to go up-country for his funeral. It was so stressful but thankfully we are out the other side of it now.

That brings me nicely on to my MA. I started my MA in September, its at the University of Plymouth studying Publishing. I’ve already written about that here so I won’t go on about why and what I’m doing. But I will say that the course is incredibly full on and I’ve got so much work to do which is why my blog is suffering quite a lot. I only have two days per week in which the girls have arranged childcare and I’m currently in university 2 days per week which doesn’t exactly leave me much time to do work as there is absolutely no way on earth I could get my work done whilst the girls are awake and day time naps are few and far between these days!

From January, things should start to slow down (I hope!!!) so I’ll be back to keeping up with my blog then I hope! My blog is my hobby and my passion project and I absolutely love doing it so I don’t want to stop – but hobbies can become stressful to keep up with when life gets super busy so this will be taking a back seat for a little while at least.


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