Day trip to London, kid free!

A couple of weeks a go I headed to London to meet up with some friends. We were in Kent visiting my sister in law & brother in law and as it’s less than an hour on the train I thought it would be a good opportunity to get in to the big smoke!

I used to live in Essex, only 1 hour on the train from London and as such I used to go quite a lot. Before last month I hadn’t actually been in over 3 years though! I have struggled with anxiety since having the girls- I hate being on my own and feel super vulnerable all the time. But being in London by myself & travelling in and out completely alone really helped me to get past some of my fears.

We went to Kings Cross area which was really lovely – I’ve never been there myself and I was surprised and how nice it was. It was actually really open and not too busy which was nice. We went to Caravan in Granary Square which was gorgeous. The food and coffee was fabulous.

Then we walked over to Camden and headed to a few bars for cocktails!

All in all it was a fabulous time!

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