Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful Daddy

Hey everyone

Today’s post this father’s day is in honour of one very special person. My husband, the girls’ daddy!

Last year was Josh’s first father’s day and I made this video for him.

This year I decided to write a blog post because I wanted him to know how appreciated he is but I didn’t want to write too much on social media as it can be not that nice for people who are missing someone this father’s day.

Funnily enough my husband falls in to that category… he doesn’t have a relationship with his father. I think this, in part, is what makes him such an incredible dad. He knows exactly what it’s like to not have one and that’s why he always tries to be the best he possibly can be.

He is kind, caring and endlessly patient. He works a full time job yet he always rushes home to make sure he sees the girls before bedtime. He spends whatever free time he possibly can with the girls and never gets a break.

Given the girls’ age, they can sometimes favour their mummy particularly because I’m at home with them all day. I know this gets Josh down at times but it never makes him pull away from the girls and he constantly tries to strengthen his bond with them.

Josh never fails to put us first… He doesn’t have a selfish streak at all. He works hard to earn the money whilst I look after the girls and barely sees a penny of it himself. But in all this time he has never once made me feel that it’s his money, he always treats us as a team and puts the need of the family ahead of himself.

I cannot begin to tell you some of the things he has been through in his life. It really hasn’t been easy for him… I don’t want to go in to details on my blog because it’s not really my story to share but I have sat and cried listening to his stories. Yet even with the struggles he has been through, he is now 26 years old with a wife, two children, living 300 miles from his home town, fantastic job and a first class degree to name but a few of his accolades. I’m thankful to God for all of those things because I know that God has been his rock through all the awful times and his faith has spurred him onwards!

I just wanted to let him know how special he is this father’s day. I know the girls are too young to appreciate him just yet but I sure do. Thanks for being an awesome daddy Josh!

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