Perranporth Beach with the grandparents | Cornwall Days Out |

Last weekend Josh had his friends to stay so it was just me & the girls staying over at my parents house. We decided to head to Perranporth Beach, it’s a huge beach so we knew it would never feel too busy.

It’s a bit of a walk from the car park to the beach but doable with the buggy. It was a cloudy day but still enjoyable!

The girls absolutely LOVE water and Perranporth has lots of deep pools further up the beach. The girls absolutely loved jumping in and swimming in them. They are still quite wary of the sea and the loud waves so this was perfect.

Perranporth has really good surf too if you enjoy getting out on the waves!

I must admit, the winter has spoilt some beaches for me! Everywhere is so quiet and stunning – I miss it when it’s so busy in the summer!

Anyway, I highly recommend Perranporth. There is a lovely restaurant called the Watering Hole too which does great food and dogs are allowed there. Don’t make the mistake we made though- the take away next door isn’t the same establishment and is horrible!

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