Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend | Kid free weekend! |

So we were lucky enough to enjoy a weekend away without the girls last weekend!

We managed to get tickets to radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea. It’s just under 4 hours drive away and Ed Sheeran was playing so we decided we had to go for it! The tickets only cost £18 each which is pretty amazing for a festival!

I have loved Ed since before his first album came out and ever since Josh and I have been together we have always listened to his music together. We always thought of “Tenerife Sea” as “our song” and when Josh proposed he used that song. When we got married our first dance was to it too so it is very special to us. We have always wanted to go and see Ed but because of money and distance etc we weren’t able to. That is why it meant so much to us to see him at Swansea. I have to admit I did cry during A Team as I was just so overwhelmed with emotion at finally getting to see our favourite!

We left our house at 5.30am as doors opened at 10am and we had booked a park and ride. We arrived and got to the main stage for about 10.15 and as such we were pretty close.. however it was a pretty long wait until 12pm when Ed came on. Once we had seen Ed we weren’t overly bothered about any other acts so we could just relax.

We absolutely love George Ezra too and he was our favourite there as it was so sunny and fun and we had a little dance!

We also saw Bastille, Sam Smith, Craig David, Churches, Years and Years and lots of other people that I can’t remember right now!

Recently Josh has got really in to a guy called Isaac Gracie and he was telling me all about him on the drive there. He is only just starting out and we walked past the BBC introducing stage only discover that Isaac was the next act on! Josh was so happy and there were only about 50 people there!

It was such an incredible experience and we feel so happy that we got to go. When we first got together we imagined we’d be doing this kind of stuff all the time once we had got the wedding out of the way and paid for. But as we had the girls so soon and so young it meant a lot of our youth and freedom was taken from us. So it was really nice getting to have it even if it was just for a weekend.

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