Proposal story | How Josh proposed | Flashback Friday |

So today I decided that I would share the story of how Josh proposed to me! I have been struggling with a bit of writer’s block recently so I thought this would be something worth sharing!

So although Josh and I hadn’t been together very long, we both knew we wanted to get married quickly. We planned on summer of 2015 and knew it took around a year to plan a wedding so once the summer came around I started to think about whether or not Josh would propose soon.

We were going on holiday with my family to Cornwall on the Saturday and Josh mentioned to me that he had a free day on the Thursday. We normally had our “date day” on Wednesdays and he suggested that we each plan one of the days. I chose Wednesday and Josh planned Thursday. Josh said we had to be up early the next morning so I stayed at his house.

I later learnt that Josh had planned a hot air balloon ride for early morning but due to bad weather it was cancelled! Instead, we went to Go Ape at Delamere Forest and had sooo much fun!

We then had a lovely picnic lunch with all of my favourite foods. Then we went for an evening walk around Tatton Park which was lovely!

After this, we headed to a lovely restaurant called Heddy’s in Wilmslow which had Middle Eastern cuisine. The meal was absolutely delicious and all the while I didn’t suspect a thing.

After this, Josh dropped me back at home to my flat which I shared with my friend Vicki. The flat was attached to the church that we all attended and when I got home Vicki was chatting to me for a bit about our day. She then asked me to help her take some boxes in to the church auditorium and I gladly said that I would. She orchestrated it so I walked in first and then shut the door behind me…

I was slightly confused but then I suddenly saw Josh standing there. Right then I knew what was happening and I started to cry.

He told me to sit down whilst on the massive screen a video he had made me played. It was clips of our highlights of the past year we had spent together and Josh talking (I won’t embarrass him and say what he said) all over “Tenerife Sea” Ed Sheeran which was our song (and later our first dance).

The video finished with the words

“A lot can happen in 9 months, let’s see what we can do with a life time”

Then Josh got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I later learnt that Josh had orchestrated the day so that it was filled with romantic things and I was supposed to think he was going to propose all day and then he was going to drop me home all confused. However, I had absolutely no thoughts that he was going to propose because for all I knew he had only planned the day a couple of days before!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this story!

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