Why bother to blog? | Part 2

Three years a go I wrote a blog post entitled ‘Why bother to blog‘ which was exactly that – my explanation as to why I blog and what it gives me.

Three years on, my blog has grown and changed with me as a person. I started my blog four years a go as I was in my first year of university, Josh and I weren’t even engaged yet and I wasn’t even thinking about children. My blog at that point was more about my faith and thoughts/musings I had surrounding my faith than anything else and I always got such a great response to it. As I journeyed in to marriage and motherhood my blog evolved in to more of an online diary, documenting the things I/we got up to and sharing my heart in the hopes that other people could relate. Of course a lot of it still comes back to my faith but it would be wrong to say that that is what this blog is all about now. A few months a go I received my first paid work for my blog and whilst its not like I’m fighting off offers currently, I’ll always be open to working with brands/ getting paid to do something that I already do (blogging).

I often think that blogs can seem a little self-indulgent to the outside world. Like it’s all about me and you guys need to read all about my life. The truth is I would still write my blog even if nobody else read it but that is part of the reason why I am reluctant to post my blogs on social media – in case people think I’m self-involved!

At the start of this year I had a goal to write at least two blog posts a week – by in large I have actually managed to stick to this goal and I have decided that it is time to start trying to promote it a bit more on my Instagram etc.!

I absolutely love writing, it is a real passion of mine. It’s funny because I absolutely hated English and school and college. Once the girls grow up my ultimate dream would be to have a career that involved writing, be that copywriting, social media content managing, blogging for work or journalism. I don’t know how those dreams are going to come to fruition but I do know that having this blog is going to help that a lot. Because if I go to an interview for a writing job I’m pretty sure they are going to want some evidence that I actually do write and am good at it!

I expect that over the coming years this blog will grow and evolve even more – there’s no way of knowing where it will go. I have read recently that blogging is on its way out because people don’t want to sit and read a blog post, they’d prefer something bitesize and quick to digest like an Instagram post of something passive like a YouTube video. This may be true, but even though I do have a YouTube channel and Instagram account my passion will always be my blog!

I hope that made any sort of sense

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2 thoughts on “Why bother to blog? | Part 2

  1. You sound, well.. just like me. I love writing. Sure, my reason for starting by blog a few years back (marimemoirs.com) was to prep up for my memoir to get published (which was FINALLY last month – God and Your Pillow) But now I can’t stop. I enjoy your writing so please … KEE AT IT !

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