Making our tiny house a home | Living room part 1

The first part of my series about interiors. The living room is the first thing we have focussed on when it comes to sprucing it up a bit. As I said in my previous post, our home is a very slow, slow process and we won’t be spending a lot of money on it so we are just getting bits and bobs to make it look better. I’m also not a photographer nor do I have a good camera so just note that when you look at this post!

We are very lucky to be the first people to move in to this cottage. However, we don’t own it and won’t be painting it etc. The decor is very neutral in here with a lovely feature stone wall.

Firstly, the sofa. The sofa was bought second hand nearly 2 years a go now and we actually got two or these for £100! We got rid of one when we moved but this one fits perfectly across the back wall. I’m a fan of neutral sofas, I’ve never really liked leather sofas but this sofa is really easy to clean so it’s a win with the kids!

The rough theme for our living room is dark blue/ green and gold. I found the two outside cushions covers on H&M home and the dark blue ones were from La Redoute.

The dark blue throw is from Primark.

The map on the wall is a scratch map as we absolutely love travel. Our goal is to have as much of this map scratched off as possible. We bought a cheap frame from Amazon and painted it blue. We wanted a darker blue but will eventually get round to changing it.

Our window sill is pretty much the one place we have ornaments etc. Because it’s the one place the girls can’t reach (yet!!!). We have a wooden frame of our wedding day, a lovely gold pyramid that is supposed to have a succulent in however we currently have fairy lights in there. We also have a little wooden camel from our trip to Morocco. The lamp is from Ikea but we would like to change it to a gold one and the candle is by isle of Skye candles who are all natural and smell divine.

That’s it so far for our living room.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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