Lush acne treatment review

Recently I’ve been suffering with quite bad acne. It just didn’t seem to go away and was quite painful and it’s getting me quite down to be honest! I’ve always had acne ever since I was about 18 and since getting pregnant and breastfeeding I’ve had really clear skin. Once I stopped breastfeeding, my acne seemed like it started coming back with a vengeance! It could also be partly as I have had the implant fitted back in November and I think my hormones are all over the place.

At the moment I’m wanting to go down the natural route and look at products that don’t have loads of chemicals. So I read up online about some good products and Lush Grease Lightning spot treatment had really good reviews.

I took a few photos of my skin and the progress of the treatment.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 5

Day 6

Now – 3 weeks later.

As you can see, the treatment is working really, really well. My spots have cleared up really well – I definitely have noticed a huge difference.

Unfortunately, it’s just a treatment, not a preventative measure. My skin is still consistently bad and spots keep appearing. I’m going to look in to finding a face wash and moisturiser as well as a regular skin treatment that will hopefully keep my spots at bay!

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