My fitness journey

It’s January, so we are in the zone of fitness missions and getting healthy!

I have always been in to exercise. I’m not particularly a fan on sport however I’ve always tried to keep fit. Especially as a teenager and I had many issues which I’ve written about and I kind of used exercise as a way to lose weight as I was so unhappy in my body.

However, as I got older and moved past my issues I began to do exercise for myself and my own benefits. I used to absolutely love running and pretty much always ran at least three times a week. When I was in uni I used to also do a LOT of walking. I used to live away and get the train so I walked around 4 miles each day!

Anyway, once I got pregnant I stopped running but I did a lot of walking and did some pregnancy exercise classes called Mamafit.

Once the girls were born of course my fitness and everything else in my life went to pot! I decided to give myself a year of just being mummy before I decided to actually work on myself again! Whilst I was living in Widnes I was walking everywhere and taking the girls on long walks to the park. I was also breastfeeding which burned on average 1,000 calories a day! I ate so, so much all the time and it was great!

Once I moved to Cornwall I realised that I was going to have to take a bit more care of myself! As I lived in the middle of nowhere I can’t get out for walks anywhere near as easily!

Anyway, I’m not very motivated and so I decided to keep my workouts short and sweet! I haven’t got much time so I have recently bought Davina’s Fit in 15 video which is great! I also enjoy doing HIIT workouts on youtube by Joe Wicks!

I squeeze it in during nap time. I tried waking up early to do workouts but it just wasn’t working out because we all share the bedroom and I woke the girls up every time! I am trying to do it 4-5 times a week because it’s only 15 minutes and I’m actually enjoying it so it’s fun and it makes me more motivated!

I’m trying my best to not get obsessed with weight or losing anything. I’m just enjoying myself and getting fitter… it’s also really good to get the endorphins going!

I also have started going to Park run which is a 5k weekly timed run. I’ve only been once but I enjoyed it a lot. It was hard work though since I haven’t consistently run in 2 years! I want to do it regularly but by the time I get home and showered it’s 11am and half the day is gone! So I’ll only do it on weekends when we don’t have plans.

So hopefully it will go well! I will keep you posted! 3 weeks in and it’s going well!

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