Goals for 2018!

Hey everyone, happy new year!

I know this one is a little bit late for a 2018 goals video however it has already been a crazy busy month so I’m only just getting around to finishing off this post! Its still January so I guess that counts!

I thought I’d share on my blog my goals for 2018, I’m going to start with general ones and then end with ones related to my Christian faith so if you’re not interested in that you can stop reading towards the end!

  1. Love more

My first goal is just to generally love more. I would like to become a more loving, kind person and be someone that people enjoy being round. I would also like to show my love more practically towards those in need and generally those around me.

2. Be more generous

This kind of marries in with the previous point. Growing up I never had a lot of money and as such I have become ever so slightly tight-fisted! When Josh and I were planning our wedding I was a bit obsessive with not spending money etc. but now I really feel like I want to be more generous and realise that money isn’t as important as people!

3. Do more baking

Slightly less serious! I want to do a bit more baking as I have always loved it and I feel like I have kind of let it slip since I’ve had the girls. I want to get in to it a bit more again this year!

4. Start knitting

Another seemingly silly one but I really want to get a crafty/creative hobby and I have done a bit of knitting in the past so its something I would like to try and pick back up now!

5. Be more adventurous with the girls

I want to try and start doing a bit more with the girls and getting out and about with them more. I always leave it to the weekends when I have Josh with me but it would be nice if we could have a few more adventures through the week too!

6. Eat more healthy foods

I try to put a positive spin on my resolutions, I don’t want to say eat LESS but just eat MORE healthily. I need to cut down my sugar intake as I am such a sweet tooth but my teeth certainly aren’t thanking me for it!!

7. Exercise regularly

Before the girls I used to do a lot of running and even once I’d had them we used to go out for walks a lot. Nowadays walks don’t happen in the same way as I live in the middle of nowhere and we have to drive everywhere. Also, the girls don’t like being in the buggy anymore so if we do walk its at their slow, snail’s pace! So, I am endeavouring to use their nap time/wake up early and do some ind of exercise as I know it makes me feel better, fitter and stronger both mentally and physically!

8. Start parkrun

On the same subject as before! In September I found out about Parkrun that was fairly close by but due to sooo many different circumstances I never actually ended up going! I conceded that January was going to be the time for me!

9. Start my MA

Last year I applied for an MA to start in September 2017, it was all so last minute and in the end I just couldn’t make it work around the girls. I deferred my place and am sincerely hoping that this year I can make it happen!

10. Post 2 x per week on my blog

Ok, so I am already failing at this one BUT I absolutely love writing and in the future I would like a career in writing. With that in mind, I would like to make a bit more of my blog! Then I can show future prospective employers that I have been honing my writing skills over the years that I have idly sat (ha!) playing with my babies!

11. 1-2 Videos per week on YouTube

I really enjoy filming and editing videos but I just haven’t been very consistent with it. Hopefully this year I can change it.


My goodness, each year I start with self-hatred! I hate myself for being too fat, too spotty, eating too much etc. and this year I need to change! I am so horrible about myself and it is actually just cruel. I need to learn to love myself, whatever shape I am in and start talking more positively about myself! I think it is SO important for my girls to look up to me in this – I’m a real woman with a ‘normal’ body. They will spend their whole life being bombarded with images of a particular body type and I want them to be confident that they can be however they want to be! My girls currently have very different body types so it is so important to me to make sure they know that they are both perfect!

13. Look outward rather than inward

This is the start of the more Christian-related goals. Basically, my prayer life kind of tends to revolve around me and my immediate family and I would like to change that. I would like to think more about others rather than just us! I would like to pray for things that don’t affect me personally!

14. Pray for abused street kids

This is SUCH a random/specific one but basically I watch the film Lion recently and it really affected me and struck a chord. Kids who live on the street can be as young as my daughters and I want to spend time praying for them and also giving money to charities!

Here is a link to the website if you are interested in ways you can help.

15. Sponsor a child

Ok so I have already fulfilled this goal, but it is something that Josh and I really feel strongly and passionately about. We have begun to sponsor two children and we write letters to them and they write them back. We are a part of building a better future for them and their community. If you are interested in doing this too, you can do it through World Vision like we did. This is their website and you can find everything you need to know on here! There are also other organisations such as Compassion and Plan UK. So take your pick from them!

So there are my goals for the year!

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