Our 2017

As we start a new year its always nice to look back on the previous year and reminisce on everything that happened in the previous one!

First of all, my 2017 started off with me still having two young babies who I struggled to get out and do much with on my own. I was determined that from January we would start to get out and about almost every day, which we did. We had trips to town, the shops, meet ups with friends and started going to baby groups. We also went down to our local children’s centre and tried out the sensory room and of course we went on a LOT of walks. Navigating any of this stuff with twins was always hard work and rarely went off without a hitch but I am so glad that I did do this! We also lost our second car in January so we ended up trying to navigate life with one car, meaning we had to drop Josh off at work or walk places instead!



At the end of January, we embarked on our first trip abroad with the twins! It was an amazing trip and we loved it! Although, it was definitely hard work with the girls. Subsequent travels have told me that 4-5 months old is actually the perfect time to travel with babies. They don’t move around so they can’t get up to any mischief, you only have to take your boobs with you on holiday- no other food – and they can get away with wearing pyjamas all day! Nowadays there is absolutely no way the girls would happily spend all day being pushed around the city in a buggy!

After this, we had a few visits from various family members and then we went on our next trip which was down to Kent to see Josh’s sister. We had a nice time although we struggled to do much because the weather wasn’t great! I also got a sickness bug whilst we were there and it was horrendous on the journey home – I sat in the back with a bucket!

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Life carried on up North and whilst I enjoyed my time with the girls I really struggled with my life and felt constantly down. I was very lonely and isolated with very few friends and I was on my own a lot. I felt quite down but we had our move to Cornwall on the horizon which kept my spirits up. Of course, with all building work the move kept getting pushed further and further back which got me quite down! Further to this, Josh’s job was making him really unhappy and he had only stuck it out as he thought we were moving sooner than we were. With rent and bills we had very little left over for fun or saving and that was difficult for us!

In March, I took my first solo road trip with the girls. We travelled from Cheshire to Essex and my goodness it was hard work! We thankfully met my mum down there and stayed at my Grandma’s house so I had plenty of help. The girls got to catch up with friends and family members and I also got to meet my best friend’s new baby girl, Aria!

Things got easier and easier with the girls and we enjoyed many happy memories with them including our first mother’s and father’s day, Easter and a trip to Bath to celebrate my mum’s 50th birthday.

At the end of May we had a trip to Berlin planned. We were so excited and looking forward to seeing what that amazing city hard to offer. Sadly, Dotty became so poorly that she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. She was so unwell and was attached to all sorts of machines but thankfully it was nothing serious. Unfortunately, it meant we had to cancel our trip as she was only discharged the day before and the doctors told us it would not be wise. We were all devastated but of course Dotty had to come first! Because Josh already had the time off work, we decided to have a ‘stay-cation’ and do lots of lovely things at home!


As the year drew on, it was time to say goodbye to Cheshire and move down to Cornwall. Although it was sad to leave a chapter behind I was more than ready. We were very unhappy in our house as it was very damp and it was just wasn’t the right place for us anymore. We were so glad to finally move, however when we eventually did move our cottage wasn’t ready. All 4 of us ended up moving in to my parents’ house for 6 weeks whilst it was undergoing renovations which was definitely a squeeze, especially because the weather was bad!

Eventually, the day before the girls’ first birthday we moved in to the tiny cottage and started getting to grips with living in a tiny space and minimising our lives! Living in a small space has mostly been really good and we have loved being ruthless with our clutter. However, the main difficulty we have is that we have to share a room with the girls which can prove difficult at times. Also, the lack of storage is really difficult for us but we are managing! It is all a learning curve for the future when we hope to build our own home!

The girls’ first birthday was lovely but it didn’t go to plan. We had hoped to have all of our family coming down to visit for it but the renovations hadn’t finished and there was nowhere for anybody to stay. Nonetheless we had a good albeit quiet day and we are excited to celebrate their birthday next year with a proper party!

We had a few visitors over the summer and then the time came to head to Kent for Emma and Joel’s wedding! I was a bridesmaid, the girls were sort of flower girls and Josh walked her down the aisle. It was an absolutely perfect day and my parents came along too to help with the girls – meaning we got to have a few drinks (or more than a few in Josh’s case!!).


After this we had our holiday to Morocco and you can read about it here. It was a great trip in some respects but also very hard work!

Many people have told me that our Cornish life looks idyllic, but the fact of the matter is that through social media etc. you only get one side of the story. We post our highlights, of course, but we have had some really tough times. It took a while for Josh to find work as Cornwall is notoriously bad for employment. He did some freelance work but it just wasn’t enough to keep us going long-term – we struggled a lot. We were both really down and we couldn’t make the most of our summer in Cornwall because of a lack of funds. It was a really difficult time in our lives but God really sustained us through it – at one point our balance was so low and we prayed that God would provide. The next day we got a large tax rebate which kept us going!

In October, Josh got a new job and we were so happy! He works as a Graphic designer in a start up app development company, he is so happy at his new job and is really enjoying it. We are so grateful that he got this job and he is doing well at it!

After this, the last few months of the year went by really quickly. We have settled in to life now and are making lots of friends and enjoying everything Cornwall has to offer!

2018 here we come!


3 thoughts on “Our 2017

  1. You have such a beautiful family, thank you for sharing your year and photos – so lovely to read x

  2. Wow! You packed so much into your year! If I was to write down what I did I wouldn’t have much to say! I really aspire to be more like you and Josh, adventurers! Xx

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