Hope at Christmas 

Most of us don’t think much about Jesus at Christmas but, as it is his official birthday, if you do nothing else take a few seconds to read this message from me, a Christian at Christmas.

I often wonder what Christmas means to me as a Christian. People say “Jesus is the reason for the season” but further than that, what does it mean? As a christian I try to celebrate Jesus every day.  After thinking about it, I’ve decided that for me the message of Christmas is hope.

Whilst Christmas is full of fun and festivities for many, for some people the Christmas period brings sadness. Maybe you’re excpriencing bad health or are in hospital, maybe you have recently lost a loved one, maybe this year is your first away from your kids after a divorce. Maybe financially it’s a huge strain and you’re dreading the disappointed looks from your children as they don’t receive what they asked Father Christmas for. Maybe even just the stress of hosting is getting too much. There are many reasons why, even if only in part, Christmas is hard.

That’s why I think the message of hope is so important. Knowing Jesus brings hope. That’s not to say that being a Christian means all those things above don’t affect you or happen to you… what it does mean is that in Jesus you have someone to face all the trials of life with. You have someone to stand shoulder to shoulder with and take on the world. You have a hope that your best days are ahead of you and that after your life is over you are headed somewhere with no more pain and suffering. 

Ultimately, Jesus’ birth brings hope of new beginning and fresh starts. Hope for a secure future. For the Jewish people at the time, after 400 years of silence from God they received the ultimate hope. 

“God became flesh and moved in to the neighbourhood.” John 1:14 MSG

Merry Christmas!

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