Here’s to my 24th year of life

I write this from my bed in a hotel room that we stayed in for my birthday last night. We are child free and typically my body has woken me up at 7.30am anyway. 

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. It’s weird to say that because in a lot of ways I already feel so much older than 24. Being a mum ages you so much, changes your priorities and forces you to grow up quicker than you might like to. Other people my age have such vastly different lives it’s hard to believe we are the same age. 

The past year has been a transition year for me. Obviously I’ve had the girls for the entire year and have grown in to a more confident and competent mum. I’ve also made a huge move from Cheshire to Cornwall which has been so positive. There is so much fear when moving, especially so far away but I’m so glad we did it! 

As a person I feel I have grown in confidence and maturity and learnt about myself. I have travelled a bit though not as much as I’d have liked but my ever growing bucket list still has many years to acquire ticks.

Going in to my 24th year I need to remind myself that I’m still young. It’s easy for me to get sucked in to the world of motherhood and forget that I’m still a young soul who needs to have a bit more fun. Now the girls are older, I’m excited to have a few more adventures with them. I’m also glad we have babysitters so close by and am going to make the most of them! 

Thanks for reading, happy birthday to me!

One thought on “Here’s to my 24th year of life

  1. !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! I was that age . . . um . . . 26 years ago. I’m now 50. I still feel like I’m about 24. A ‘mature’ young age you are. I enjoy seeing you with your two. Anyway – nice to read your writing.

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