What mummy wore

Hey guys, so this post is something a little bit different for me! Its a post about fashion / my outfits! These were some of the outfits I wore in the month of October. I am really in to clothes and fashion and when I became a mum that was something I didn’t want to change. Wearing nice clothes makes me feel like ‘me’ rather than just ‘mummy’ and I think that is mega important! There are days when I wear leggings and a hoodie all day but they are rare because dressing nicely just makes me feel better about myself. I think it sounds like the most pretentious thing in the world trying to describe your own ‘style’ but I will have a go… basically I wear what I like! I am influenced by trends like everyone but I’m not always ‘on trend’ – some days I look as though I’ve been covered in glue and rolled through a charity shop but it really doesn’t bother me as long as I love what I’m wearing! I spend many an evening perusing the online clothing sites and these outfits are some of what I come up with! My interest in clothes really peaked when I got a part time job working at New Look and I got 50% off… now that was amazing! You will see a lot of stuff from there and of course Asos! I apologise in advance, I’m a bit self conscious and not very good at having my photo taken and there are also a lot of builders in our house at the moment so it was rare for me to catch a time where I wasn’t embarrassed! Hope you enjoy getting a peek in to my wardrobe

So, this outfit is something a bit different for me. I originally bought the jumpsuit a few months a go because it is a wrap style and breastfeeding friendly. I thought it was a bit ‘dressy’ for every day wear so I decided to dress it down with a baggy cardi and chunky trainers. I love a good pair of chunky trainers – I think they make any outfit look more casual and through the summer I can often be found wearing a nice dress or skirt with a pair of trainers! The jumpsuit and trainers are from New Look and the cardi is from Asos.


This outfit is kind of similar to the first one in colours, however I am a huge fan of these trousers that I picked up from primark. They looked great in the summer with a little top and trainers but now its winter the dark floral really works and teamed with these black high heeled boots they look so nice. This could easily be worn on a night out with a nice top and jacket, but I put this casual grey jumper over the top for a more chilled look! The boots are from New Look and the jumper, necklace and trousers are all from primark!

This outfit was one that I really loved. The jacket was purchased from a charity shop and I adore it even though I do think it makes me look like I work at Tesco! The jumper is from H&M – I wanted a new grey or black jumper and I saw this one which is dappled grey and black – perfect! Its nice and thin and fits sooo well. I love it. The jeans are standard but I really don’t like the fit on me – I need petite jeans because I hate how these bunch up at my ankles. The boots are from New Look.

I don’t know about you but I feel way more comfortable having my photo taken whilst holding one of my kids! My mum bought me this jacket from New Look as an early birthday present and I absolutely love it – it goes with so much! She also treated me to this dress which I love, my husband describes it as granny chic! I love wearing more ‘dressy’ clothes every day and not worrying if people think I look overdressed!

I really hate these photos but here you can see one of my favourite styles – the mom jean! These jeans are just so flattering and look so effortlessly cool, they are from one of my favourite stores – Pull & Bear. I also love this dark green top which goes with so many outfits and was only a few quid from Primark! My coat was also from pull & bear last year and I love how it brings together any outfit. When the girls were young last year I used to love how I could just be wearing leggings and a t shirt but throw this coat on and look instantly put together!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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