Medela Maxi Swing Double Breast Pump Review

As many people may know, I breastfed my babies until they were about 14 months. From about 4 weeks old we decided to start giving them a bottle before bed in the desperate hope that they would sleep for a bit longer. I wanted to express for this bottle as it was important to me that my milk was what the girls were getting predominantly. They did have formula every now and then but it was few and far between. The introduction of this bottle actually really helped their sleep and if I ever have any more children I will definitely do this again!

Pumping for two babies is a seriously hard task, in the beginning they would drink 3oz each which wasn’t too bad but as they got older their demand and appetite increased and at one point I was pumping 18oz per day for them as they had 9oz each!

To begin with I purchased an Ameda Lactaline double pump second hand. This worked well for a while but eventually with my frequent pumping it just wore out and the pump broke!

After this I decided to purchase the Medela. I definitely wanted a double pump as for the amount I had to pump it was important for me to have it done with as quickly as possible. Full disclosure, I bought the pump second hand as I couldn’t afford the full price. 

Medela uses the 2 phase expression technology meaning it has a quicker pump to stimulate a let down followed by a more steady pump. This breast pump pumps 18% more than a single pump. You can adapt the speed to suit your own milk production and you can also use it as a single pump if you only need to pump off one side or if you are feeding your baby on one side etc. The pump is also portable as you can use batteries to power it if you do not have an electric plug.

I purchased a pumping bra which made it hands free. Medela do sell their own version but I found a cheap one off Amazon worked fine. 

You can buy different size nipple shields but I could have done with a smaller size myself but it wasn’t available unfortunately.

It is easy to clean and all comes apart with no issues. In all a very easy to use pump that works really well. I definitely recommend it although I personally would not have been able to afford it full price. The only draw back is that if you can’t afford it full price you won’t have any guarantees or warranty should something go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions.

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