Since becoming a mum I have learnt so much about myself. I have discovered aspects of my personality I never really knew existed… or maybe they have developed since I’ve been in this new stage! 

One of my new found personality traits is determination. I have realised that I have so much more drive and desire to get my butt in to gear! Don’t get me wrong, I frequently flop on the sofa and CBA to move… But once I get something in my mind I usually follow through with it.

Take for example, a couple of weeks a go. I have started a mum and baby fitness class and it’s about 2 miles away. Usually I’d drive but because Josh needed the car on this day so I had to walk. Everything went wrong on that day… the girls barely slept and were in awful moods. I had to give them their lunch early and make sure we had enough time to get out. By the time we’d managed to get out it was raining! But I didn’t let it stop me, I was determined not to let it go and stop myself going to do what I wanted to do. So I ended up having walked 2 miles before I even got to the exercise class! 

Then there was today, I wanted to take the girls to the baby weighing clinic. I can’t take the double buggy in the children’s centre so I had to put one of them in the carrier. That’s hard enough these days with the sheer weight of them and my shoulders are still aching now! The next hurdle was the rain… normally I’d have just popped their rain covers on but unfortunately I’d left them in the car! Long story short I managed to get to the clinic when I could have just have easily forgone it and decided on next week. 

Then there’s my determination to keep breastfeeding through all the hard times. My determination to get out for a walk every day. My determination to travel and do things with the girls even when it seemed far easier to stay home.

I say all this not to praise myself particularly. Rather, I say this because sometimes I can focus too much on what I have lost through being a mum. The areas of my life that seemed to have disappeared or the aspects of my personality that have crumbled. 

So every now and then it’s nice to sit back and realise how much I have changed in a good way. I encourage you to do the same!

We took this photo outside my uni on our trip to Manchester this week. It reminded me of my determination to finish uni even whilst I was cooking my two babas! It paid off because I graduated with a first class at 35 weeks pregnant!

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