Today we took the girls out past their bedtime. 

Not for very long but it was clear that they were tired. We sat in a coffee shop and they gradually grew more sleepy. 

I could see Margot was getting a bit cross so I took her from Josh so he could talk. She gave me the biggest smile and snuggled down in to me. It might not sound like much but it was to me.

When your baby is a tiny newborn all they want to do is be snuggled up to you. As they grow they lose that, they still love you and crave your affection and attention .. it’s just different. They want to be engaged with, tickled, chucked up in to the air and played with. They very rarely want to cuddle.

Reflecting on my day, now, as I lie in bed I realise what an utter privilege it was. Right now their biggest source of comfort is a cuddle from their mummy. Dotty too of course but today Margot was the snuggly one  (there’s that twin guilt creeping in!). One day mummy and daddy cuddles won’t make it all better, one day when they’re tired they’ll stomp moodily up to their room without so much as a kiss goodnight. 

So I’ll treasure these moments because it is such a privilege to be their source of comfort. 

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