Early hospital photos

As I was having a look through some of my photos earlier, I realised that I’ve never shared any early photos from the hospital. Everything was such a blur in the early days that I barely remember any of it. I thought I’d share some early photos of us and the girls.

Trying to get through the contractions.

Preparing their outfits.

Early photos.


Mummy in recovery.


Early cuddles

First tastes of colostrum

First family photo.


Margot left, Dorothy right.


Margot spending some time in special care due to low blood sugar. Josh went to see her but I wasn’t able to get there due to having the C-section. Thankfully she was only there for a few hours and I got to be reunited with her very quickly!

So there we have it! A few photos from our time in the hospital. The whole thing was such a blur and I really struggled to feel my ‘motherly instincts’ kick in. It took me a good while to feel comfortable being a mum and feel like I knew what I was doing (actually I’m still waiting for that one!!!!). I could barely move after my c section and the two nights I spent in hospital were incredibly hard, trying to look after and breastfeed two babies round the clock without Josh there to support me in the nights. However, I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible staff at Whiston Hospital who were so helpful and wonderful to me! I look back on these days and I wish so much that I had more photos and lots of videos of the girls and our time in the hospital! So any expectant mamas out there make sure you take a million photos because you definitely will NOT regret it! You may think you look awful but you will look back on that time as a distant memory and you will not care less how you looked!

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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