2016… what a year.

I remember sitting here this time last year and being so frightened to go in to 2016 . I was 3 weeks pregnant… I didn’t even know it was twins yet and I felt like 2016 held so much fear! 

This year has been crazy and so many changes have taken place. 

Firstly, 2016 began with morning sickness. I ended up barely being in uni for around 12 weeks and I was so terrified. I thought my hopes of getting a first were over and I lost my motivation so much. However in July I had managed to get all my work done and graduate with first class honours! I worked so hard and saw it as something I was doing for my babies! Honestly I can give all the glory to God because I could never have done it in my own strength! My career is now on hold for a bit whilst the girls are tiny but I have set my self up with a great foundation for a future career.

We also moved house in 2016. We had a flat before but with two new arrivals it suddenly felt too small! We don’t particularly love the new place as it’s quite old and has damp and not particularly decorated completely to our taste! That’s just how it goes with renting. Hopefully we won’t be here much longer but it still feels like home!

We also spent the weekend in Paris in March, went to Cornwall for easter and did some travelling round Italy in May. Not bad for being prego! 

Of course the biggest thing that happened has been the birth of the girls in August. Since then it’s been a blur of nappies, breastfeeding and sleepless nights! But we’ve also enjoyed their dedication, our first family holiday and their first Christmas and first time on a plane! 

In all its been a difficult and challenging year with some amazing highs along the way.

2017 will hopefully see us doing a bit of travelling. We already have 4 trips planned for the first 4 months of the year! We also hope to relocate and move away which will be exciting. We have weddings and the girls first birthday all to look forward to and before we know it we’ll be here again! 

I hope this next year will bring us closer to God as more of His plan for our lives unfolds!

Hope everyone has a fabulous new year.

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