Life & Lakes 

I wrote this post when we first got back from the lake district a few weeks a go. I have only just got round to posting all the photos!

I looked out the window about an hour a go and saw kids walking home from school. I could barely believe it was that time already.  I remember when 3.10 pm was the end of the day and now it feels as though my day doesn’t ever end…it just rolls in to the next one. 

This weekend we went on holiday to the Lake District. It’s funny that we call it a holiday when my “job” is to look after my babies. So going away is not really a holiday and is more just doing my job elsewhere! Nonetheless it was lovely to get away and retreat as a family… we don’t get much time together with Josh’s work. We decided that even if we didn’t manage to “do” much we wouldn’t pressure ourselves but we’d just enjoy whatever we could.

When we got there we went for a lovely afternoon tea at Granny Dowbekin’s tea room in Pooley Bridge. 

We were so hungry that we didn’t even get a photo! 

Then we loaded up on yummy food in Morrisons and put Dotty in the trolley which she absolutely loved! 

We stayed in an Air BnB which is pretty much our first choice of places to stay wherever we go. We love that you get to meet different people and of course it’s much cheaper! 

We decided to try and do one thing each day so as not to bite off more than we could chew with the girls. On the second day we walked around Whinlatter pass although it was unfortunately raining. The next day we walked around Ullswater lake and went back for a hot chocolate at Granny Dowbekin’s! 

When walking we used the ALLIS baby carriers. We chose these because they were £14.99 on Amazon and when you have to buy two of everything we couldn’t afford to fork out much more than that! They worked ok but in all honesty you could tell they were cheap. I’d love to get a baby bjorn each but unfortunately that’s just not in our price range!  

We spent the rest of the time snuggled on the sofa watching dvds and we loved it. Even when the girls were hard work it was just such a joy to be all together. 

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