23rd birthday 

Happy birthday to me!
I’m 23 today.  I can’t believe I’m 23! To me, my 18th birthday feels like last year -not 5 years a go!

I’m 5 years in to adulthood and yet I still feel like a kid. That probably seems odd to some people as I’m married, have two children, a house and a sensible car. But I feel so young. I still talk about what I’m going to be when I grow up! When I was 16 the 23 year olds that I knew seemed like grown ups, they seemed to be mature and have their lives together when I just feel the opposite of that. I guess it doesn’t help when people say I look younger than I am  (by the way, maybe I will be thankful for this when I’m older but right now it is not a compliment to me at all.) I don’t really get it as to me I feel I look the same as every other friend I have my age. I’m even starting to get wrinkles …what’s that about?! 

I guess if my 18 year old self could see where I am 5 years later she wouldn’t expect it at all. I’m not where I expected to be by a long shot. I thought I’d be in to a career or travelling the world or something like that. These days my idea of a good Saturday night is to be snuggled up with my husband and some chocolate finding something on netflix we haven’t watched yet. I know this won’t be forever… it’s just the stage the girls are in right now and I’m trying to cherish it because I love them being babies so much. I love my family more than anything and am so happy with my gorgeous little girls. As I write this Margot is snuggled in to me feeding whilst Dotty looks at me from her chair and giggles. Sometimes the monotony of the feeding, changing nappies, burping, playing, cleaning gets a bit much and I thought that on my 23rd birthday I’d make a list of 23 things about my life that make me happy!

1. My husband is amazing, kind, supportive and also makes me laugh so much! 

2. My babies love me so much and I am cultivating an incredible bond with them whilst being at home every day.

3. This year I have a house rather than a flat -meaning I can decorate it for Christmas even more!

4. This year after being apart for the past 2 years we are spending Christmas with my family! 

5. On that note, my parents have moved to Cornwall which is probably our favourite place in England. Meaning lots of free holidays and amazing summers as the girls are growing up.

6. I am part of a great church who have supported me and Josh lots after the birth of our babies.  

7. I live in a part of the country which is close to 2 really great cities. 

8. I have friends all over the country and all round the world and whilst this means they aren’t close to me it means I can go and visit lots of fab places. 

9. We are able to afford everything that our girls need. 

10. I have a great family in-law who have really accepted me in to their family and made me really welcome. 

11. I have a first class degree 

12. I’m still young so even if I took the whole of the next seven years away from my career (which I don’t plan on doing) I’d still only be 30 when I started – which is still young! 

13. Having babies young has meant the sleepless nights don’t kill me quite as badly as they would have done in 10 years time 

14. It also means that my body has healed a lot more quickly. 

15. I have friends who I know I will have for life and not just for a season and that is really special. 

16. I enjoy writing my blog and lots of people tell me they enjoy reading them.

17. I got married really young which means that I will spend a huge proportion of my life with Josh and we will hopefully be married 50, 60, 70 (?!) years.

18. My parents are so supportive and we have an incredibly good and close relationship. 

19. Breastfeeding means I get to eat like a horse this Christmas!

20. My baby girls have already got their passports and have their first flight coming up. Hopefully this will be the start of exciting times ahead!

21. I’m a girl. Sounds silly but I’m glad I get to enjoy make up and nails (when I get a chance!) 

22. Neither I nor any of my immediate family have any serious health issues 

23. OK kind of a cop out only using one for this but – JESUS. I’m so grateful to have Jesus and for the incredible journey I have been on ever since I said yes to him!!

OK so that’s my list. Just silly little things but if I’m honest I’m negative about my life all too often! It’s so good for me to write down everything that I truly do have to be thankful for. 

I wonder where I’ll be this time next year!!

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