The new normal

My babies are now 6 and a half weeks old and let me tell you it’s been a pretty manic 6 and a half weeks.

It started off with the 4 of us being stuck in doors with me recovering from my surgery. I could barely get off the sofa let alone venture out of the house. Anyway, after 6 weeks of “easy does it” I’m starting to feel somewhat recovered and able to near enough resume normal activity. But that’s just it… what is normal anymore?! 

Josh and I keep saying to each other… “when things get back to normal we’ll do this or that” and really that’s never going to happen. We’re never going to go back to how we were… but at least I can hope for some kind of normality, can’t I?! 

My girls aren’t in any sort of routine and don’t seem as though they will be any time soon… every day is totally different yet in some ways exactly like the day before. Things get so monotonous… broken up by the sheer joy the girls bring me. 

So maybe this abnormality is our normal for now. How long will it last? Who knows. But when I’m stuck to the sofa breastfeeding for four hours straight I’ll try to remember that one day I’ll look back on this time and wish I could have it back. 

Until then I’ll just keep on keeping on!

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