The halfway point

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe that I am now over halfway through my pregnancy! Since it is very likely that twins will come premature ‘full term’ is actually considered around 36-37 weeks for twins. Meaning I could have only 16 weeks left before I meet them!

If you read my last post, you will know that this pregnancy came as a huge shock to us and wasn’t planned. You will also know that I was feeling less than positive about the future when I first found out I was pregnant. I’d like to say I’m 100% now, but I’m not quite there… but I do feel so much more positive now than I did before and I am really looking foward to the future with my two little GIRLS!

I can’t say that pregnancy itself has been the most amazing experience for me, its definitely not been the beautiful, blooming walk in the park that  some people describe. In fact, think all the worse pregnancy symptoms and then double it …cos I’ve got two on board! The sickness, the headaches, breathlessness, veins, fatigue, heartburn, trouble sleeping and various terrible aches and pains all over your body are the parts of pregnancy nobody warns you about! Its definitely not easy and I won’t be rushing to do it all over again any time soon (although I am well aware you can never plan these things!). However, I am so excited to hold my little girls in my arms.. to meet them face to face and do all the cute things mums and daughters do. I’m looking forward to them being here and getting the next four months out of the way, since I know I am only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable! (Google 9 months pregnant with twins if you wanna get scared!!)

We are moving out of our flat and in to a little house next weekend which we are so excited about… it will be our babies’ first home and feels like the start of the next chapter of our lives. Uni is nearly over and I can finally start to focus my attention on getting ready for their arrival very soon! I know the time is going to fly by from now until they are here, well probably until they move out altogether! So I’m learning to treasure the quiet moments and eagerly await their arrival!


Much love


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