I’m scared!

Hello from the future, its 2016! Who else like me still thinks 2007 was like 4 years a go?

I’m not gonna bore you with a list of my new years resolutions, partly because I don’t have any and partly because you wouldn’t be interested anyway!

2015 was a big year for me… it saw me turn from a Miss to a Mrs, from a Trevelyan to a Marler, from a fiance to a WIFE! It also saw me and my husband move in together and start living together for the first time, it saw me having to take charge of my own bills and house hold budgetting and of course not forgetting the never-ending desire to TIDY it has birthed in me!

Maybe , like me, you are coming in to 2016 with a sense of trepidation and anxiety about the year ahead. I’ve got some pretty big things coming up in 2016; finishing uni, graduating, hopefully buying our first home and perhaps moving to another part of the country (if God says so!) amongst other big things coming up. In a way I kind of wanted to keep 2016 at arms length as long as possible because it holds so much change for me.

But there is one thing moving in to 2016 that I know will never change, God’s unending love and faithfulness. He is bigger than anything I or you have to face this year and I truly believe that He works all things together for GOOD.

Maybe this year you don’t have resolutions like me, but perhaps we should make this the year that we trust God without limits, knowing that whatever happens, he’s right by our sides.


Happy new year


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