Confessions of a 21 year old housewife

Good day to you all – I thought I would give you a little update-y on my life!

Ok, so since I got married nearly 6 weeks a go (what the heck!!!) Josh and I have moved in to our flat together and it became my kind of ‘job’ to get the flat sorted whilst Josh went back to work. He only had a few days after the wedding off so it fell to me to get most of the stuff sorted.

For the first week or so this kinda entailed me unpacking boxes, finding homes for places and generally sifting through things which we needed to keep/bin. It took a while but was so satisfying when it was done! It kinda took around 1-2 weeks to get all this done. Josh and I decided that I wouldn’t get a job until I went back to uni, purely cos I don’t know how much work I’m going to have at uni and we wanted time to be with each other rather than me doing uni, travelling, uni work and a job and having no time to see my hubby. That said, I have been applying to jobs but we’ll see how that goes.

I have taken on a few weeks of babysitting to kind of get a bit of cash and to keep me busy which has been great.

However, recently we had some of Josh’s family over for the afternoon and something was highlighted to me which God kind of gently showed me was becoming a bit of a problem. The days before I had literally spent the whole day organising things, cleaning and getting everything just SO so that when they came round everything was going to be perfect. But I started to realise that this had become a bit obsessive, I was more focused on what people were going to think of the flat than actually looking forward to seeing them and enjoying the time I spent with them. And, it was taking over my time with Josh too! Instead of spending time with him I was making sure everything in the house was clean and tidy and he was getting put on the backburner.

That’s when God highlighted the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible to me. If you don’t know it, basically, these are two sisters who live together and Jesus comes over for the evening. Martha is busying herself serving, probably making sure Jesus’ drink is topped up, making sure he wasn’t too hot or too cold, making sure the food was perfect … cos, well he’s JESUS. Mary, on the other hand just sat and listened to Jesus’ talking and teaching. After a while, Martha got a bit peed off, she noticed that she was doing all the work and Mary wasn’t bothered… she basically asked Jesus to tell her off. Well, Jesus told Martha “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details!  There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.” The things Martha was concerned about weren’t unimportant, but they were just details. She had the actual son of God in her house and she was too busy making things perfect for him to actually enjoy her time with him and learn from him.

So that’s where God kinda kicked me in the shin (not literally – God doesn’t do that!) and said, “that’s you, you’re Martha”. I was getting too hung up on how things LOOKED to everyone else that I was neglecting to spend time with them. Not only that, but I was putting my domestic duties ahead of actually having time with God…. not a good idea!

Of course, as I’m at home a lot more than Josh at the moment the bulk of the housework is my responsibility, and it is good to keep my home clean and tidy… but it shouldn’t come in the way of everything else!

see ya soon!


I am planning to do a blog about my wedding I haven’t forgotten! But I’m waiting to get the professional pictures back. x


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