Amazing women in my life

Hello everyone…

Earlier this week I posted about my friend Glenda and how she had impacted my life. So then I got to thinking, why don’t I write a blog post about some of the amazing women in my life!
Of course, there are dozens of women I know who inspire me and have helped me a lot through life but today I am going to pick out just a few and I will probably write about some more another time! If you’re a young Christian girl, I encourage you to get yourself involved with an older woman who can inspire you, love you and teach you about Jesus. Whether you’re a christian or not, I encourage you to surround yourself with amazing people – especially women who inspire you to be better… AND if you struggle with body confidence you should follow some of the amazing people on instagram who represent all body types and are comfortable in themelves!

First up….


Kate and Josh 161

Not only is my mum an absolutely beautiful lady, but she gave birth to me so I guess that I owe her quite a lot. She is so kind and caring, and always puts others before herself. She loves everyone and doesn’t judge people and she is so selfless. Plus she makes excellent macarons! (yes, macarons not macaroons – she will get cross if you say macaroons!!)

My Sisters

Kate and Josh 217

Well, they are both inspirational in lots of different ways, they are both feminist warriors and they introduced me and Josh to gender equality!. Firstly, I will start with Mary… as she is my older sister I have always looked up to her (and copied her quite a lot). She has batted some physical and emotional health issues over the years yet she has always been so strong and sure of her own mind. She is not afraid to go and do something on her own and she works hard to keep Jesus at the centre of her life! She has just got a first in her nursing degree and the way he cares for people is outstanding. Plus, she has pretty cool style.

Esme, well its weird to say you are inspired by your younger sister in a way- but Esme is pretty fab. Firstly, she taught me all I know about make up and how to use it properly, rather than just slather it on your face. Secondly, when she was  younger she went through so much when she had a tumour on her leg, and she had to go through painful, life-altering procedures to get rid of it.


But she was always such a little ray of sunshine, never letting it get her down (although she did have the odd tantrum). Now she is an adult and makes me proud every day! She is so intelligent and passionate. Its amazing.

Next up, we have Glenda who I posted about on Instagram recently

Kate and Josh 794

She is the most wonderful woman and an inspiration to me in every way. I met her when I was 12 years old – searching for a place to find out more about this Jesus I’d heard about my whole life but never really known for myself. She took me in to her youth group and made me feel so welcome, taught me about the Bible, about worship, community and friendship. She always listened to me and never judged me… prayed over me and helped me through some difficult times. A youth leader, a friend, a confidante, a shoulder to cry on, a pastor & the best representative of Jesus I have met on this earth so far. She has been imperative to my christian faith and I can’t thank her enough! Also, Glenda has recently started caring for her elderly mother full time and it is so lovely to see how much fun and enjoyment she is having – it is not a burden to her at all.

Next up we have… Megan


Well, Megan and I were in the same drama class in first year of college and I always thought she was a beautiful and lovely girl…BUT recently she has been doing something pretty special on Instagram. She has been spreading body positivity and self love all over the world! her instagram tag is @bodyposipanda and she has also just set up her own blog. Her frank, honest words about bodies, the media and self-appreciation will have you wanting to pop on a bikini and prance around the beach in no time – trust me. Following her account and others that I have seen linked from there have definitely helped my self confidence sky rocket and I have no doubt that it’ll do the same for you!

Finally, for now… we have my Grandma 

Kate and Josh 389

Well my Grandma has become such an inspiration to me over the last few years as I have seen how loving and caring she truly is. Her husband has dementia and is deteriorating quickly, but she cares for him day in day out… loves him and puts him first. It has been so amazing to see how dedicated she is and I am truly so proud that she is my beautiful Grandma!

That’s it from me people, I am so grateful that God has put each of these special people in to my life!

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