Wedding week!

Hello blogger world… in case you didn’t already know or you’re new to my blog.. I am getting married. I have blogged a lot about it my reasons for getting married so young you can read here and I have also written other blogs during the run up to the big day which you can read in my marriage category.

In the run up to the big day, the wedding week, the final countdown, I am going to be taking you on the journey with me which I hope to post on Friday! I’m really excited to document all this – even if nobody reads it, it will be cool to look back on in years to come. I also have a few wedding planning tips blogs to come AFTER the wedding which I hope you’ll enjoy!


So today is Monday, 5 days before the wedding. I’m not going to tell you what I did today cos it wasn’t very exciting, the excitement starts really tomorrow. Instead I decided to write the intro to this blog, instead of crying every time I hear the word ‘wedding’ on telly or looking back on the gift list and constantly getting overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family!

I will start this blog off with some negativity, cos hey, who doesn’t enjoy some negativity on a Monday (I’m joking – sort of). NOT EVERYTHING HAS GONE TO PLAN! 12 months of planning and already things have gone wrong, people have dropped out, we can’t decorate the hall until 9PM THE NIGHT BEFORE, there is building work going on at the church and the list goes on…but phew…

God is at the centre. He’s in control. I’m chilled, relaxed (sort of) and am enjoying this time. Things inevitably are going to go wrong but the focus has to be on what is really important here!

see ya tomorrow peeps!


Well today has been quite a busy day. I started off the morning heading to the village hall where our reception will be held… we had to pay the remaining balance and then we had one last look around and make sure everything was sorted for Saturday.


Next up, we headed over to the dress shop to have my final fitting and check everything was perfect. I expected to have a really emotional moment at this point but it was all very quick and I just got in and got out of there! We will pick the dress up on Thursday steamed to perfection!

11739627_10206816510873066_2100462961_n 11759081_10206816509873041_473386013_n

After that me and my mum decided to have some mummy daughter time and not stress about the wedding… we went for afternoon tea in a gorgeous little tea room in Little Waltham.


This evening we picked up some china and table cloths for the wedding and now its nearly another day down. I must admit I’m finding it difficult to find time to spend my quiet time with God. It is important to keep him central though I know he understands how hectic everything is at the moment!


What a day!  Been busy from the offset – mostly a day of last minute beauty preparations. Firstly I went to my neighbours house to get my nails done which I am so pleased with! Then, went over to Chelmsford to get my eyebrows waxed… me and mum had some more quality  time whilst shopping. This evening we’ve had some bad news about the church building work so just hoping and believing in faith that it’ll be ok on the day!!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!! So, at this point I stopped blogging – I must have got too busy but I am now going to attempt to go back over the week in my mind to share it with you all!


So today was an exciting day… I went to collect my wedding dress in the morning. Then the rest of the day was spent doing all kinds of things for the wedding – stamping napkins, finishing orders of services and generally doing all the last minute work. We also picked up all the gypsophilia for the bridemaid bouquets. THEN the best moment came – Josh arrived! He came after work to finish off the preparations with me.


Friday was a big day! When we woke up in the morning we had the flowers delivered. I was sooo pleased with them and really excited to see how they were going to look. We then started taking loads of stuff over to the hall ready for the evening. After lunch, I continued packing up my last bits and bobs and we got other bits and pieces done, ready for 5pm when the rehearsal was. Everyone had been stuck in traffic but nevertheless the rehearsal went well and we got so excited for the next day! Then the best men etc. came back to our house for pizza and we headed over to the hall to set it all up. I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with happiness at how the hall looked! It was like all my pinterest dreams came true! Everything I had been visualising for the past 12 months was finally a reality!

we finished setting up around 11.30 and headed home. Ready to start an amazing day the next day…

11709597_10153585751457994_8399412025946111252_n 11108751_10153585845757994_2313438581598580520_n

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