Cheap lies and broken promises

So, you may have noticed recently that there is an election on its way… it’s been all over the telly, the radio and even leaflets through our doors. But is there any point to us voting? A common opinion is emerging amongst members of the British public; all politicians lie, I can’t put my trust in any of them… I don’t want to vote and just be disappointed in two years time when their promises are down the pan.

Well, I want to counteract this point of view – I’m not going to tell you my political views as I want this blog post to be as open and inclusive as possible… however if you’re that bothered about finding out about my views feel free to message me privately. I realise it’s virtually impossible for me to present you with an unbiased view which doesn’t include any of my own views, but hey I’m not gonna be explicit.

So, my interest in politics sparked around five years a go, in the run up to the 2010 General Election… like many other people I was wowed by the TV debates and holding up my pom poms for Nick Clegg when he pledged to scrap tuition fees… but there was one thing I wasn’t able to do and that was in fact vote as I was only 16! I took Politics as a subject at A Level, which quickly became my favourite subject… I then applied to a Politics degree at Sussex university and was all set to begin after my gap year. Things changed, my life went in a different direction and I am now at MMU studying Education Studies… but my interest in Politics has continued, especially in the last six months in the run up to this year’s election.

Anyway, enough about me… lets get to the bones of this post. I think you should vote in the General Election… I’m not shy about it and I’m not going to sugar coat. Now lets be honest, gone are the days of ‘polar opposite politics’… we see less and less differences between the parties nowadays and its more than likely that neither Labour nor Conservatives float your boat! It is so easy to become disheartened, feeling that nobody deserves to be sleeping at Number 10, Downing St., nobody deserves to run the country and how, oh how can we live in a democracy when we only have two parties to choose from?! It’s hard to argue this point, in fact, I would say I pretty much agree with that point of view… BUT I do believe despite all this we need to stay engaged in politics!

The political parties want votes, they aim a lot of their election campaign at the people who vote. If a demographic of people don’t vote, they won’t aim many of their policies at them, it’s simple. I’m not saying its right – I’m not saying our system is right but realistically that is how it is. There is absolutely no use boycotting the election… because the elite will always vote. Our country is already so unbalanced, with the majority of the power being concentrated in the hands of the few. If only a few vote, we are just exacerbating this issue! If we want to see change, we have to change it from the inside. As Paloma Faith said ‘first vote, then complain’. First vote, then try to change things.

I believe it is our right to vote, and we should utilise that vote. It’s time to take matters in to our own hands… I, for one do not want to see the rich and powerful having all the power in this country, I want things to change and I am going to fight to see change. However, changing things from the inside is the smarter option!

Staying true to my purpose for my blog as a whole… time to bring things back round to my faith. I believe, as Christians, we would be irresponsible not to vote. In this country, Christian beliefs are being increasingly marginalised and pushed to the background, we need to vote so that we can keep chipping away. Even if it is only a millimetre at a time.

If you are at all stirred by this post… I encourage you to check out the BBC’s Manifesto Watch… it gives you an outline of each Party’s different policies on key issues. If you can’t be bothered to read things through, have a little look at things that particularly interest you and go from there.

See you down the polling station on the 7th May.


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