Why bother to blog?

Hello you lovely people… its been almost a whole year since I wrote my first blog! I have had such an overwhelming and encouraging response to my blog it has unbelievable… it has gathered thousands of views from all over the world (Switzerland, America, NZ and India to name but a few!) so I thought I would take this opportunity to write a blog…about my blog!

So, I’m taking some of the questions that you have sent in… (only joking, I’m literally making them all up) to try and explain a bit more of my heart and purpose behind starting this little blog!

When I published my first couple of blog posts (which you can read here and here), I didn’t put them on social media, I just let the world of WordPress see them, as I felt people would think it was a bit embarrassing – why would anyone want to read anything written by a sad sap like me! But with a bit of encouragement from Josh I started putting things on Facebook and Twitter and I got such a great response that I decided to carry on!
I have written about some fairly personal things on here such as my thoughts on my body image and my battle with depression which have been a challenge to write about… but the idea has always been to be as open and honest as possible to have as much as a positive impact on others as I can.

I have also been very open and honest about my faith, my primary goal on my blog is to communicate how my faith comes in to my every day life… despite this I have tried to be as inclusive as I can, and I hope that people who don’t share my faith can get some enjoyment out of reading my blog posts! But I make no apology for the fact that it is always gonna come back to Jesus … he is, after all, the cornerstone of my life (hence the name of the blog ‘A Precious Cornerstone’!) I don’t profess to be some theologian… I am just a girl with a Bible in my hands, interpreting it the best way I can! My blog is about real life, the stuff we all go through which I really hope comes across!

A note on this – I never write a blog just off the cuff! I always wait for God to impress something upon my heart, or to open my eyes to something… I always take a few days to mull it over and pray about it… and then I go for it! It may not be anything big but I always want God to be in control.

I have also been attempting to document my journey to marriage on here, in the world we live in marriage is held in less and less esteem and I take a different view! If you missed it; I have written a post about the reason Josh & I are getting married at the most inconvenient time of my life and I am continuing to write about the run up to the wedding!

So there is a teeny insight in to why I have taken up blogging! Where will A Precious Cornerstone go from here? Who knows?! Maybe I will become the next big thing or maybe it will fizzle out over time… but until then I’ma keep doing my thang! I hope you continue to enjoy it…

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4 thoughts on “Why bother to blog?

  1. Keep at it Kate. It is really good to read and some great insights. Just because you are a girl with a bible, it doesn’t mean that you are not a theologian. All a theologian is is someone who thinks, talks and writes about God. So what you do is definitely theology!

  2. I’ve never read a blog before . . .didn’t really understand what one was! Its a great idea. …so amazing the depth of communication available to everyone now and so widespread!

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