Bridezilla moments…

Ok, so I realised the last time I updated about wedding plans was back in October so I thought its time to do another update,

Since my last blog we have gotten a lot of things together and we have got loads of things checked off our list! Most of the main stuff is now out of the way, the venue, caterers, church, bridesmaids dresses, Josh’s suit, rings and lots of other things are done too… we have even started ordering decorations – in fact my mum and dad have had a few boxes of fairy lights delivered to them in the past couple of weeks! (Excited squealing!!) things really seem to be coming together and I am so excited about the big day its ridiculous… the next four and a bit months cannot go quickly enough!!

Off the back of my blog about becoming a cheap date, the last few months have been a particular struggle! With neither Josh nor I having much in the way of income coming in for various reasons it has been so unbelievably difficult trying to save up for a wedding, let alone doing fun things! For my 21st birthday, Josh took me to London to see ‘Wicked’ in the theater, it was an amazing day despite the fact that I got stuck in an insane traffic jam, we missed our train and we had to spend money on another ticket, then when we got on the train we had to sit on the floor as it was packed! But YES, despite all this, we eventually had an amazing day… we have Tesco vouchers to thank for a lot of this day! After that we needed to really tighten our belts, so tight we could barely breathe! But thanks to our amazing friends and family, our prayers were answered and for my birthday we got quite a few meal & cinema vouchers meaning we have been able to space out treats over the past few months! It truly has been a blessing, I’m so thankful for God for his provision in the little, trivial things! Also, praise God I have now got a new job which means that I am going to be able to start saving for the wedding again!

We decided to have our honeymoon a couple of months after the wedding, in September. This was once again because of our money situation! As we are getting married in high season and summer holidays it was just way too expensive for us to go on holiday straight after, so instead we are going to spend a couple of nights in a tipi in Wales before heading back to our new marital home together (work in progress!!).

Having our wedding on a tight budget has inevitably meant that we have had to make some compromises, originally we had our hearts set on a band playing and even toyed with the idea of having a ceilidh at the reception! But when weighing up costs, this just was just way over our budget! We don’t mind, as as we have said many times… though we are excited for our wedding day, we just want to be married! That is our main priority.

A couple of weeks a go, I had my first bridezilla/total melt down moment… as I bought my dress in the end of season sale, it is a couple of sizes too big for me, I saw a picture of it online and I really didn’t like what I saw! Because it is so big for me, I haven’t really been able to try it on again… any other future brides know that it is totally normal to question whether or not you still like your dress, its a massive part of the day and you want to know that it is the dress that you love! But for other people they can just try it on again, remember that they love it and be okay for another month or two! I must admit, I freaked out, there were tears, there was a tantrum… but after some reassurance from the people around me I booked an early dress fitting and last week, when I was in Essex, I fell back in love with my dress again, phew!

Through this whole wedding planning experience I have seriously realised how much important it is to draw near to God when you have issues, however trivial they may seem! I sometimes think that I just need to get over myself, God doesn’t care about whether I have enough fairy lights to cover the hall at my wedding… but you know what, if I care about something, God cares! He has really enabled me to keep my head above water at this tricky time and I’m so thankful for his constant peace & guidance through every part of my life, especially my impending nuptials!

Last night Josh & I had our first ‘pre-marital session’… an evening set aside with a couple from our church to focus on MARRIAGE rather than the wedding! Sometimes, it’s easy in the build-up to get caught up with the day & forget that I am actually readying myself to bind myself to the love of my life…forever!!

Anyway, that’s all from me for now

Save the date

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